Glazing another small batch, plus trophies

I have everything packed and ready for the Art in the Yard sale in Dallas tomorrow: lots of pots, bubble wrap, shopping bags, unsweet tea, a nice shady 10’x10′ awning, etc. It’s going to be a good-looking setup.

Multi-glaze combinations on some large vases.

In preparation for the Craft Guild Spring Show & Sale in Addison during the first weekend of May, I am glazing about 20 more pieces to replenish what I hope will be a depleted inventory of pots. Here’s the majority of them, glazed in my usual limited palette of preferred glazes.

Glazed bisque mugs and bowls with or without handles.

I also have about 1/2 of the trophy bowls bisqued; so far, no cracking or shifting in the slip and sprig decoration. The tripod feet turned out well.

Bird's eye view of one of the horse show trophy bowls.

The two shades of blue slip are easier to distinguish at this stage. I hope they’re even deeper and richer after the glaze firing.

Side view.