Moving right along

I got another bisque firing pushed through, with minimal cracking on 1 piece. The two trophy re-makes got loaded into a gas kiln today. I’m reserving the rest for a salt firing the week after next. The CRPHC/LSPHC horse show approaches, and now I’m right on schedule to have everything done for the 11 trophies plus pot sale display. To tide you over until I have some fresh pots completed, here’s a photo of the Kristin Kieffer bowl a close friend gave me as a birthday gift. Perfect size for a cereal bowl, and gorgeous to boot.

Photo borrowed from the artist’s etsy listing.


I’m Still Here…

Albeit not posting much lately, I am progressing in the studio. I am just wrapping up the making stage for a 2/3 electric kiln load or so along with two trophy bowl re-makes. I poured more labor than usual into some especially complex forms and several decorative processes including sprig molds, slip trailing, and inlaid slip. I’m currently drying a batch of zoomorphic ewers, new and improved teapots, butter dish prototypes, fully decked out gestural vases, etc. These newest pieces reflect a measure of an increasingly ornamental, palace-ware aesthetic. Here’s a teaser photo of some dry greenware pots.