Art of the Pot studio tour, part 4 (The End)

The final studio on the tour resides in the hilly neighborhoods off of 2244 Bee Caves. Claudia Reese opened up her studio to display her own pots with the work of Lauren Smith, Naomi Cleary, and Meredith Host. Aaron and I munched on m&m’s with red wine from the snack table near the entrance, perusing the last group of talented potters’ art for the day.

Claudia Reese pots.

Always patterned beautifully, Ms. Reese’s current work did not disappoint. The square vessel has extremely nice visual texture, I think.

A good variety of sizes from Claudia Reese.

Meredith Host’s pots had a similar feel to Claudia’s in terms of decoration, although I feel like Meredith presented more refinement of form where Claudia’s seem earthier.

Meredith Host’s patterned pottery.

Meredith Host works in an attractive color palette. The stippled floral designs blend well with the solid or banded patterns. The decoration style also puts me in mind of Kristin Kieffer, the queen of pattern-building through stamping.

A close-up of two Meredith Host vases & a plate.

The Japanese textile sensibility evident in the floral images definitely attracts me. The crisp edges and surfaces of the pots imply a certain practical use-ability and present an immaculate canvas for the decoration.

Naomi Cleary dishware.

Naomi Cleary mixes tight and loose pattern with slip texture, running glazes, and bold shiny color. I found the division of space in the individual pot’s imagery well-executed. The simply decorated yellow and red plate was a favorite of mine, in fact.

A table full of Naomi Cleary pots.

What can I say? Here are some more great pots. The simplicity of the drawings put me in mind of Paul Klee paintings.

Part of Lauren Smith’s display.

Lauren Smith’s work was high on the list of pots I wanted to be more familiar with. I met Lauren once before in Dallas last year, sans pots unfortunately, but I enjoyed recalling our brief introduction and catching up a bit while looking over her display. I was impressed by the color and texture choices, the pillowy forms, and the feminine yet solid details. Something pleasing and viscerally charming starts happening when I handle her pots.

The final AotP studio tour 2012 photo, of Lauren Smith’s work.

I picked a medium sized batter bowl, which will perfectly accommodate my usual quantity of muffin batter or cookie dough. I looked longingly at the large jar photographed above, and the pitcher shown partially at the right margin. All in all, a great group of work to end the day on. Aaron and I set out to return to Dallas for a graduation party, before returning home in the wee hours for some well-deserved sleep. I’ve visited Austin for the Art of the Pot studio tour for several years now, and I’ll do it all over again next Mother’s Day weekend, too. I highly recommend a visit to the Texas capitol to see the killer pottery to any and all, for next year/beyond.


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