Art of the Pot studio tour, part 2

At studio #2, Lisa Orr’s house, AotP presented the work of the hostess, Brooke Noble, and Gwendolyn Yoppolo. I was especially excited to see the work of Brooke Noble for the first time. I am already impressed by and quite acquainted with the excellent pots of Ms. Orr and Ms. Yoppolo, and none of the artists disappointed.

Part of Brooke Noble’s display. Those antlers are intriguing.

Narrative animal pots have a special place in my heart, and Brooke’s also satisfy my attraction to color, texture, and pattern. I picked up a horse tumbler with vertical pattern/texture stripes. All of her pieces were interesting and incredibly well-crafted.

Brooke Noble cups and a plate.

Lisa Orr had the usual, killer work lined up all the way from the porch into her studio. I have a butter dish of her’s that works perfectly for the standard U.S. butter stick. It makes butter seem like more of a luxury to cut a pat from a gorgeously decorated interior.

Some Lisa Orr pots.

I appreciate seeing the subtle glaze improvements and new decorative touches in each year of Lisa Orr’s work. The little Persian-looking spires attached to the plate edges like lugs or handles were a nice new touch.

The continuation of Lisa Orr’s display heading back towards her studio.

This is a good set of work. I’m loving the variety of size, and a little shout out for that butter dish. I hope it finds a good home. Due to the hand-molded nature of Lisa Orr’s pots, her lids always fit just so and her handles feel perfectly molded to accommodate fingers. It’s something you have to handle to truly appreciate.

Punch bowl by Gwendolyn Yoppolo.

Gwendolyn Yoppolo’s glazes create powdery hued, luscious, microcrystalline surfaces. The pillowy forms seem like just the right match. I acquired one of her mug/saucer sets last year at the Dallas Pottery Invitational.

More Gwendolyn Yoppolo pottery.

Gwendolyn always tackles a myriad of objects. She is one of the few potters I know of who routinely makes reamers, juicers, mortar/pestle bowls, and spoons. The above photo represents a good assortment of pieces in her unique style.

A Gwendolyn Yoppolo fermenting jar. Great idea!

And on that note, sauerkraut! The third of four installments regarding the Austin, TX Art of the Pot 2012 tour will follow.


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