Dallas Pottery Invitational Review

Aaron and I stopped in at the Craft Guild to check out the reception for the Dallas Pottery Invitational. Well, I had planned to help at the checkout table, but plenty of other helpers showed up and I never got called in to assist. I definitely will on Sunday, though. The gallery felt mighty crowded on Friday night with all of the chatting, laughing, conversing folks milling past the Blue Mesa catering table, courtesy wine and beer bar, and numerous tables laden with pottery aplenty. The live jazz has become a welcome fixture at the reception, creating a lovely blend with hors d’oeuvres and excellently crafted art. Although I managed to abstain from purchasing any new additions to my collection, Aaron actually snapped up a plate from Forest Lesch-Middelton and a mug from Sam Chung.

Dinner sized plate by Forest Lesch-Middelton and delicately colored small mug by Sam Chung.

Forest Lesch-Middelton starts with a dark, toothy stoneware roughly akin to chocolate in color, then transfers and/or silkscreens patterns onto his elegantly earthy pots. Sam Chung works with a lot of slabs assembled into functional forms in addition to thrown pieces and pots. The small thrown mug Aaron picked has skillfully separated incised lines, and a surprisingly comfortable single-finger handle.

Here's a close up of the Sam Chung mug, complete with shiny dots and minty satin glaze.

The new venue at the Craft Guild of Dallas certainly seems like a viable replacement for the previous location at South Side on Lamar. The Craft Guild is easier to find and get to, with more plentiful free parking, near a busy stretch of Beltline Road in Addison. Either way, this year’s Invitational is definitely following in the superior footsteps of its predecessors. Come out for the last day, Sunday, from noon until 4 p.m. if you haven’t already. It’s a great opportunity to take in some of the finest in contemporary functional pottery. (links available in my previous post)


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