Upcoming Events at The Craft Guild of Dallas

Teapot by invited artist Forest Lesch-Middelton.

This weekend the Dallas Pottery Invitational is being held in the gallery at the Craft Guild of Dallas, which incidentally is located in Addison. I have volunteered my time to help run checkout or wrap pots during the show for several years now. I plan to help out during the busy reception on Friday and closing day on Sunday. The participating potters who are exhibiting includes Louise Rosenfield, Amy Halko, Gary & Daphne Hatcher, Brenda Lichman, and Lisa Orr in the core artist group with invitees Jerilyn Virden, Forest Lesch-Middelton, Sam Chung, Bryan Hopkins, and Andrew Martin.

Gorgeous bowl by core artist Brenda Lichman.

Then the first weekend in May, the 4th-6th, the Spring Show and Sale will be taking place spread throughout the Guild’s studios. I will have a table of my own pottery for sale, along with other potters, sculptors, jewelers, glass-workers, weavers, bookbinders, and painters. Regarding access to my work, this event follows the upcoming Art in the Yard sale on April 21st. The variety of objects and level of craftsmanship sure to be present at both events will make for excellent looking and shopping, so please come out if you’re into that.


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