Fresh load of bisque work

Every time I unload my bisque firings, I am struck by the gradual changes in my work despite a relatively specific formal treatment with the wood rib. This time around I think I grew closer to my goal of making bigger pots, with thinner walls, and more surface modifications or decoration. I have been thinking about totally abandoning the stirrup fluting in my pots, but I still feel there is more ground to cover along this vein of work. So most likely I will develop a totally different formal style concurrently. I think I’d like to address women’s body forms as represented by different cultural traditional silhouettes (western European, Japanese, tribal, etc), while pursuing a relationship between what I do (equestrienne, artist), what I am (woman, object designer, fashionista), and who I am (that intangible feature) in the finished pots. Anyway, here’s some photos of the naked pots, ready to start getting carted off to the glaze lab in batches.


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