Jeff Oestreich slide lecture @ The Craft Guild

Whenever TCG of Dallas hosts a workshop, they have a free public lecture one evening. This time around Jeff Oestreich of Minnesota discussed his family ties, aesthetic history, and showed us the progression of his work in relation to milestones in his career as a potter. It is worth mentioning that this inventive artist’s work has been greatly informed by his apprenticeship at Leach Pottery, Art Deco architecture, the style of his teachers and favored potters (Leach, Hamada, etc), and the beauty in ancient everyday pots. He keeps house with one remaining Scottish Fold kitty, and loves to host dinner parties where Mr. Oestreich can, as he stated, chew and chat with friends in his kitchen. His biggest splurges are coveted ancient pots, which he seeks out with determination.

“That’s what credit cards are for,” he joked. His beloved late parents also instilled a deep love of travel, and in their own travels managed to not only exhaust any potential inheritance (good on ’em, of course) but keep Jeff’s friendships alive in the wide world. His reverence for the history of pots leads him to persevere in creating work that expresses the subtle nuances of passion and pays homage to the material, incorporating curve and tension, raw clay versus glaze, the many hues of ware fired in atmospheric kilns, and the overall visual gravity necessary to achieve successful, complete pots. Because after all, there ought to be beauty and intimacy with oneself in everyday life.

Try to stop by The Craft Guild today or Monday to see some of Jeff’s work in person, or check out his latest online gallery show at Akar.


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