Business as usual in the studio

I have once again filled my big Skutt electric to the gills. Apparently my volume management skills are still on par, as I only made three pieces too many. Those orphans will just get priority next time.

There’s a lot of traditional forms for me, including bowls, cups, mugs, cream/sugar sets, pitchers, and sauce boats. New stuff like colanders, bowls with mug handles, updated pitcher forms, lots of sprig molds, inlaid slip, and slip trailing, a number of inlaid slip glaze test cups, and progressively larger item dimensions are looking pretty promising. I’ve also been gradually whittling down the overall weight with thinner walls, trying not to compromise durability.

Going to see the Jeff Oestreich lecture at the Craft Guild of Dallas tonight. I’m really excited to see the slides and hear what Mr. Oestreich has to say. He’s definitely one of the heavyweights in the U.S. pottery community. Click on the photo of Jeff Oestreich’s teabowl below to go to his website.

Pretty classic example of what his work is all about


Also, I’ve posted a bunch of fresh pots in my Etsy shop, if you’re interested. Be sure to check back for a review of the lecture. Thanks for the atencion!



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